My Favorite Food Inspiration

Check out:

Cam + Nina (Now “Nina Montagne” and “Cam Finn” on Youtube)

They really inspired me to go plant based. They truly have a diet based around whole foods but do not lack anything! They’re recipes are easy, use similar ingredients frequently, but never are boring!

Ellen Fisher

Her videos just make me happy! I’m not sure if I’ll ever eat exactly like her but she is such a beautiful soul, makes such yummy food, and has the cutest babies in the whole world.

Tess Begg

Super simple, easy, and healthy recipes! Super easy to mimic and her e-book is amazing!

These are my three favorite channels I always look to for inspo! Otherwise, I like to find recipes on because you can type in your diets and it will filter to show you only vegan recipes/whatever your diet is! This makes it easy to search for certain recipes and they will only show you the vegan ones which just makes it so easy!

I also just got this book: Vegan The Cook Book

It’s THE BEST vegan cookbook I’ve ever seen. SO many recipes that are from all over the world! So there’s tons of cuisines to choose from, and most of the recipes only have a handful of ingredients which I love.

I’ll constantly update this list! But hope this helps you all!