So very excited to bring you all this guide for my resources, tips and ideas surrounding consuming fashion in a more conscious way!

Lowering our consumption of clothing and choosing more eco-friendly clothing is one of the greatest ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately save the planet. Since each item we buy has a lifecycle and it’s own footprint, it’s important to consider how much energy and resources it takes to make every single item. Materials have to be planted, grown, harvested, go through a series of treatments such as dying and chemical processes, sewn, and shipped. When looking at every product, even if it’s “eco” friendly, they all still have some kind of energy and waste connected to it which is why consuming more consciously is the best thing we can do for our planet.

Companies like Forever 21 and Zara process one million garments per day. …In the world’s least developed countries, an estimated 40 million people sew more than 1.5 billion garments in 250,000 factories and sweatshops each year. In many cases, these workers are not provided with basic workers rights, fair wages, and ethical working conditions. -greenorg

When I’m putting this into perspective for myself, as it can be hard to grasp, I relate it back to my own world. I think about how my favorite part of being alive is being lucky enough to spend time in oceans, rivers, beaches, parks, and forests. Seeing other countries that have completely lost their natural environment due to our consumption of fashion absolutely breaks my heart. I truly believe that all people have an innate need for nature and I can’t help but feel responsible for them losing theirs. To these people, this is their life. They may be far away from us and hard to imagine but the cost of their life is not less important than having a new item from one of these brands. This is what keeps me on track and this is what makes me want to find other solutions.

I truly believe that change is already happening and will continue to happen as long as we hold brands accountable for their actions.



RiverBlue, find here:

The True Cost, find Here: or Netflix

The Lifecycle of a T-Shirt, find here:

Theanne Schiros Ted Talk:

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Online References:

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One Green Planet:


Good on You: (This app gives you a rating on what brands are doing for the environment, their workers, and animals! Very updated and a great reference point if you are every questioning a brand!)





Shoptagr: (I like this app for debating purchases)

How we can change:

  1. Buy Less, Use for Longer

  2. Shop Second Hand

    Shopping second hand is the best way to have a lessened impact. Since the item has already been created and is no longer wanted, you are saving it from going to landfills. Around 85% of clothing ends up in landfills! Socially, it’s important to remember that thrift and second hand stores also support people who cannot afford to shop elsewhere. While I don’t think this should stop us from consuming second-hand clothing it’s important to be mindful of this and don’t overshop just because it’s less expensive and keep your clothing in good condition so you are able to donate back. At this point, there are still a very high percentage of clothing going in landfills from donated sources because there is not enough of a demand for them so it is absolutely not a scarcity.

  3. Save up for Sustainable and Ethically made Brands

    (My favorite brands list coming soon)

  4. Choose Eco-friendly fabrics

    1. Tencel, Organic fabrics, linen. More Here:

  5. Consciously Shop

    Don’t impulse buy! I know it feels good but take the time to consider if you will actually wear and use it for a long time.

  6. Take Care of Your Clothing

    Only around 20% of donated clothing is repurchased. Some of this has to do with clothing not being in wearable condition. If we can make sure the clothes we are donating have been kept in good condition they have much more likely hood of being used again!

  7. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle

This list will constantly be updated! If there is any reference you would like me to add, please reach out to me!