9/6: Brands to Watch

This list is coming straight out of my 'notes' section in my phone as I feel I constantly stumble upon little vintage and second hand stores on Instagram weekly and know with my memory I usually forget them by the next day so I think this post is for you and I both! I wanted to put together a list of small brands that are mostly vintage based that I've had my eye on as of late! I hope this gives some of you inspiration and some new, thoughtful businesses to scroll through when you're looking for your next wardrobe purchase! I hope to keep this list a constant flow of emerging brands. 

I Am That Shop @iamthatshop

Oats The Label @oatsthelabel

Maison Cleo @Maisoncleo

Courtyard LA @courtyardLA

The Break @shopthebreak

SubrinaHeyink Vintage @SubrinaHeyinkvintage 

Magnetism Store on Etsy @magnestismstore

Naked Intersection @nakedintersection


Favorite Depops:










To be cont...